We are a registered charity that was founded in 1995 by Sue and Rocco Scarcella, after visiting the orphanage at Blimbingsari in the north-west of the island of  Bali, Indonesia. Although the children were looked after well, we thought that, with additional help, things could be even better. We started this website and encouraged tourists to visit the orphanages.

As a result, many supporters came on board and we have seen amazing improvements in conditions at the seven orphanages in the GKPB (Bali Protestant Church) that we support there. We regularly visit, taking supplies and funding. We also sell arts and crafts here in Australia on behalf of the children (many made by the kids themselves), to give them income and to raise more money to help themselves. 


We love to do the small things: bring a Barbie doll to a child whose family can never afford one; provide lip gloss for a budding teen; buy a television so an orphanage of soccer crazy kids can watch the World Cup; writing books, toys, toothbrushes, clothing, pencils...little things that mean the world. Even if you can't go, we can and will take your love to the children. As little as $1 can buy a set of writing books for a child. One person can make a difference. Are you willing to be part of the solution?

Grand gestures tend to get all the attention. With philanthropists doling out millions of dollars to charities, it's difficult to see how ordinary people like us can affect positive change.  But we have learnt that small things can make big differences in the lives of the needy here in Australia, in Indonesia and in other countries around the world as opportunities arise! Please explore our website to see how you too can have a powerful impact!

These are some of the children you can help!